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Product name : Water Treatment
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 tissue paper water treatment

ZSF-75 air floating water treatment machine

1. Equipment consists of: ZSF-75 air floating machine 1set, air pump 2

sets, water pump 2 sets, chemical dissolving tank, chemical storage tank

1 set.

2. Capacity: 75m3 /h , daily water treatment capacity 1800m3

3. Discharge water quantity: after being processed by the water treatment system. Some water will be discharged out of the tissue making factory. Generally speaking, if we use de-inking technology to produce tissue, we will discharge 30T water for every ton of tissue. That is to say, if we produce 5 tons tissue per day. We will discharge 150T water. Do you have any drainage system near your tissue making plant? The 150T water per day is processed water which full of ink and glue of other impurities. It can't be used again in the tissue making process.

Note: customers should build up four water pools near or inside the tissue making plant. They are one part of the water treatment system. They are used in water collecting, water sinking, water storage, etc. two water pools are 200m3 . two water pools are 40m3 . please find suitable position around your tissue making plant to make the four water pools. You can make them semi-underground. Main parts are underground, about 700mm above ground.

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